Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about

Oscar Wilde

Mohsen Modiri: Notes

The purpose of art is not representation of life, it is changing it, for a leading dynamism and toward social evolution. The passion for aesthetics and art has always been with me since my adolescence, and it has not withered with the passage of time

Aside from its therapeutic aspect, which has been the end of numerous artists throughout history and still is, my purpose in using abstract art is to crack the inner and deep layers of life and to succinctly represent the meaning of characters and events; aspiring to force the viewers to better feel the current of life instead of a superficial and myopic observation, and to change their views: for a more optimistic approach to life and harmony with the laws of nature

In spite of devotion to modernism, I don’t advocate art for art’s sake. Art can help transform the emotions and thoughts of mankind, emancipating them from pain and suffering. Unfortunately in Iran and many other countries around the globe, art has been stained with a pessimistic and unhealthy approach. Art is a powerful device to nurture the spirit of optimism and struggle for a better future in mankind

Coward is a man who surrenders to fate, and an anonymous hero is the man who transforms one’s self and fate in private

Beauty is mostly an inner phenomenon that originates from emotion. The outer, material, or physical factor plays a secondary role. Michelangelo did not build sculpture : he carved stones . He cut and carved rough marbles so as to reveal the beautiful figures trapped inside. And thus, we reveal the exquisite, intriguing essence of our being, which is our selfsame lost nature, by carving and polishing the excess edges of our soul that deform and defile us. That is the right way to recreate beauty in the world