My favorite styles are Abstract expressionism and Surrealism. In recent years, in many of my works, I have merged these two styles and called it “abstract Expresurrealism”. “Earth” and “Earth and Water” form the core of my works that is collectively called “Grounding”. To express these themes, I try to create my personal symbols and spaces and use a specific color structure and composition. In the very abnormal world where human is being deprived of the laws of nature and harming his planet’s environment, my aim begins to provoke the audience emotions to put them in line with the laws of nature and balance. That’s why my artworks somehow fall into the category of “art therapy

My other works are humanistic values and the sublime aspects of human emotions such as justice and freedom, creativity and the like. All of these are demonstrated in a series called “The World That Is My Dream

I create some of my artworks with a subconscious mind and allow spontaneous processes to be the cause of my art creation. I mostly use fabric and rollers rather than a paintbrush. I am not into postmodernism, but I respect modern art. I think inner creativity, revelation, and intuition should be the guide and inspiration of an artist