The style of most of my works is rooted in abstract expressionism, which is my favorite style. Color functions as the dominant expressive tool in my paintings, whose themes include the earth, movement and stillness, elements of urban life, and the human nature. Using specific movement and color composition to express the earth as the mother and cradle of mankind in an abstract form is a type of grounding

In Greek mythology, Atlas, one of the Titans, fought against the Olympians and other gods and was sentenced by Zeus to carry the earth and heavens upon his shoulders. In my works, I use personal symbols related to earth and some mythological figures like Atlas and Huma, a Persian mythical bird that is the symbol of prosperity. The contemporary man resembles Dr. Ryan Stone in Alfonso Cuarón’s “Gravity” played by Sandra Bullock, who has been disconnected from earth, his mother and cradle, and lives a life of chronic stress and tension. I try to bond my audience to earth, and reintroduce them to serenity and security, which is idiomatically called grounding

The contemporary human has fallen apart from nature, and should return to this lost nature and support the planet earth. Still, I am not a naturalist. I used to be a naturalist, but now I look to the earthly life and human being as the most excellent manifestation of nature, and I follow modernism. However, regarding color composition I aim for color unity, and I derive inspirations from old masters 

Artists have always expressed the sufferings of humanity throughout history, whereas art is also capable of contributing to humanity’s awakening and freedom from pain and suffering. Since 2017, I have been focusing my attention on the subjects of humanity, moral values, and emotional qualities of humans. Old ideals of the mankind such as unity, solidarity, altruism, seeking freedom, sincerity and empathy, righteousness and honesty, absence of violence and peace and so on are the theme of new collections entitled “self devotion ” and “The World that is my dream